Creative horsepower.

February 21, 2010

In most cases, what you do in your creative career won’t and can’t be your creative outlet. Only 1% of people find their dream job and still I argue that these people will need an alternate creative interest. There’s one reason why – balance. Find that outlet and you’ll have unmeasurable horsepower fueling your daily job. Without this balance, you’ll crumble emotionally little by little.

Creative outlet – 1977 camaro project. Best part of the build was this 550 horsepower motor.

For example, communication arts mixed with the business world is a paradox. Creativity was never meant to be controlled. For someone to create with purpose they must execute without undue influence, which is almost always impossible in the business world, mostly due to the sway of who’s controlling the process.

Industries that require you to be innovative, creative and think of unique ideas on a daily basis can also influence your creativity in negative ways – where there’s a client or need to create for reasons other than your own desired outcome, there will be conflict. You must find a balance with your creative career by introducing other interests where you can control the process and end result. Once in place, harmony will occur and your career will find focus and your emotions will be controlled.

Creative people are emotional and passionate. Passion leads to purpose. People who define themselves by purpose need confidence that they have the power to create something meaningful, without being tainted by decisions that lead to executions without desired results. I’m not talking about creativity void of collaboration and not having failures along the journey to success. I’m talking about the frustrations that come with false input and controlled decisions that cause brilliant ideas to go south. You all know what I’m talking about.

So what is a creative outlet? It’s anything that involves creative expression without false input or control.

I have a couple of creative outlets. The first, is hotrods. I’ve been rebuilding antique cars and muscle cars into powerful street machines since I was a teenager. I enjoy using my hands and creating things that were once considered junk into beautiful metal powerhouses. Sharing stories of what 550 horsepower feels like driving down the road with other hotroders is what I relish the most. My second creative outlet is acquiring posters from stapled-up telephone poles from a city-near-you. I love collecting them because of their graphic qualities and design aesthetics. The joy is simple – their beauty and sometimes unique approach to messaging.

I encourage everyone to explore ways to be creative outside of their careers. This balance will influence your confidence as a creative person and allow for inspiration and focus in your skill-sets at work. More importantly, it will give you license to develop creative expression that will foster purpose in your life.

One Response to “Creative horsepower.”

  1. Sharon Says:


    Thanks for the inspiring words. I printed this phrase out and put it next to my desk, to remind me.

    “Creative people are emotional and passionate. Passion leads to purpose.”

    Great message in this article…I’ll pass it along to my ‘creative’ family!


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