Seek creativity

June 20, 2010

When we are surrounded by creative people and ideas on a daily basis we forget to infuse our lives with other creative inspiration. We may think that our personal world is full of creativity and don’t have the time to seek it elsewhere.

For me, finding creativity is just part of my life in general. I can’t turn it off. From County festivals like the Annual RC Cola and Moonpie Festival in Bell Buckle, TN, to the local Murfreesboro, TN Hotrod Association which gathers over 200 cars and trucks at a local mall parking lot every Friday night – yeah, every Friday night, seeking individuality and inspiration is what I’m after.

The creative arts and crafts and the custom executions of upholstery and paint are enough to walk away content. However it’s the people I enjoy talking to most. The personal pride in their creations and the stories behind them all are just inspiring.

Sometimes you can find local shops with antiques and I dig looking at the old graphic art found on packaging.

For those who know me, you know one of my creative outlets is hotrodding. And finding a local hotrod chapter hanging out in large numbers is a chance to get ideas about projects I’m working on and to chat up fellow hotrodders and share challenges to creative things we’re working on.

In the end, it’s about seeking creativity and making it a part of my life. The reward is unmeasurable. All the images and events from this post happened in one weekend. I feel empowered starting my week fueled with creative inspiration and can’t wait to get back to my own work.


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