From companies, corporations, institutions, products and sports teams, this genre of design takes a special process to get it right. Choosing your identity(logo) is one of the most crucial parts of branding. Everything you represent as a company has to come out in your mark. From your vision statement to rally cry, your logo stands in front, making a statement of who you are to the world.  MTSU – Athletic logo. The school needed to evolve from the confederate soldier mascot but still wanted to retain the “blue raider” name. The challenge was to align the name with a new image that represented the strength to the athletic program developed moving into a new division 1 conference. Additional mascot costumes were created after the completion of the mark. Dick Sakahara was the illustrator for this project. His logo creations include the Chicago Bulls and Denver Broncos. We wanted to create something recognizable from a high level of creativity. Dick gave us that edge.
Trevecca Nazarene University – Athletic logo. After the MTSU experience, this challenge was a little easier. They still wanted their mascot as a trojan but only wanted to update the image to more current times. At the time, we were also changing the school brand logo, so the only inspiration came from the new color palate we were using for institution.
Tour de Nash – The Tour de Nash is Nashville’s largest urban bike ride and has been organized for the past 10 years by Walk/Bike Nashville to encourage people to explore Nashville’s best bikeways and roads by bicycle. This was a fun project to develop.

logo-stickers-tdnashCorrections Corp. of America – Corporate Identity. Creating a brand logo for a company as intimidating as this client, representing most of the prison institutions in North America, was inspiring. Strong, trustworthy and representative of America was the objective here.
Austin United City Capitals – Soccer club. This was an open creative experiment. The league only asked that it be “sporty”. Taking the initials from the name I had some fun manipulating type to form this solid mark that also included a more communicative sister logo.
Adventure Science Center – BodyQuest exhibit. This logo was requested due to a new additional being included at the Adventure Science Center in Nashville. A kid’s museum that used exploration as a theme for all it’s exhibits. Capturing that playful style was the objective here.
Iroquois Steeplechase –2001 Race. Once a year people gather to enjoy the horse race of a different kind – on grass with plenty of high society. It’s a Nashville tradition that continues today. Each year a new artist is commissioned to illustrate the race and the works are then used to make commemorative posters and such at the event. I chose to use a portion of one of the pieces as part of the art for the logo.

Rex of all trades – As a Graphic Designer, there’s always a friend that needs a logo. This was a special job that I knew was going to be fun. The idea was to create something simple that had an influence from the man himself, Rex. Rex is a good-ole-boy from Georgia and he’s your typical can-do-anything kinda guy. However, if he had his druthers, it would be only a plumber’s wrench he’d hold. Bluegrass Underground – After doing the initial concept of the guitar and the neck pointing down, They asked me to create a version for all the string instruments in the traditional bluegrass music genre. These were very fun, researching the different instruments and how to create black and white art that would simplify the distinctions was a challenge as logos. They plan to use these as elements for promotional products in their gift shop. You can see one of their t-shirts here.

mmmmmm Nossi College of Art – After 37 years the brand needed an update. And there was a pronunciation issue that had to be resolved. It’s Nossi with a long O. So we gave it a unique look. Keeping it simple gave it a new evolved professionalism. Read more about the brand change here.

Mathew 25 – A non profit mens shelter located in Nashville needed a brand. It had been using for years a bitmapped scan of an old bible illustration. Wow. I was happy to help this organization come into the 21st Century. They since have developed a promising new image that will no doubt find more funding for a much needed mission. You can find out more about them here.
The Colaboratory – This organization provides current experience for professionals in marketing and advertising that are between jobs – unemployed or not working in their preferred field. The idea here was to represent the diversity of this group with different font choices and develop a mark solely based on typography.
Raise The Bar – High school coach and christian mentor, Mr. Horn, came to me and said he had developed a workout program for kids to teach them the disciplines of mind, body and spirit and needed a brand to attract such philosophies. The challenge was to still be compelling to teenagers. This one was really fun and simple. Tomato Kings – Urban Farmers don’t get a lot of respect. However, with co-op farming taking a bigger role in todays produce selections, branding has a new perspective with these individual growers. This urban produce rancher wanted something fun for his mark. Big beefy tomatoes harvested using hydroponic systems was their differentiator.
The Photographer – Claudio Napolitano, an Italian Photographer, wanted a look that was both European and yet still had an “old American” feel – from the 1940’s or 1960’s to be specific-ish. How’s that for some direction? It was fun developing the many different executions for him. During that process there were several that were not chosen that still remain some favorites of mine. Here are two. You can see the mark we finally ended up compromising on here. Win some, you loose some right?
William’s food brand – Truck stop fried chicken. This job was worth the sweat I put into it. A family recipe for truck-stops along the interstate. This was just fun. The woman who asked me to do it only wanted “truckers” to like it.
Okeena – Water bottle lable. Packaging mixed with branding can be a challenge. Here the influence came from a new water product developed from natural rivers. The typography trick of flipping the two “E’s was enough to make it unique and give it that heritage feel the client was looking for.
Turus Publishing – Corporate Brand. The client was a 6′ 3″ 300lb Scotish man by the name of McGee. He wanted a new mark for his publishing company that represented his family clan. I said, “have you got a kilt?” Done. Again. always looking for that typographical aspect that can make a logo look special.
Physion – Medical science has a need for branding too, especially when it comes to finding funding. This company was involved in research for physicians restoring vision. Hence the name “Physion”– I didn’t come up with that. Nonetheless, it was fun executing this final mark.
Community Servants – Located in Smyrna, Tennessee, Community servants are helping the nation’s largest Kurd immigrant group, as well as: Hispanic, African, and Thai populations, transition into America. They provide family housing, child care and english classes all in the spirit of Christ to encourage their success here while pouring into them the loving nature of God. The image clues of the tree and the global continents symbolize Community Servants welcoming of all nationalities as it strives to reach a global impact. logo-stickers-Com_serv

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  1. Bruce, my fav is the logo for the soccer club.

  2. Ruben Reyna Says:

    Your still just a 60 gunner to me

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